About Hong Kong New Talents

The economic and social fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is devastating, causing a severe disruption to the film industry’s ecosystem. Impacted by worldwide travel restrictions and cinemas’ temporary closure, studios have delayed the release of mega films and even large cinema chain has to shut down. Despite the state of staleness of the local film industry in the past decades due to a lack of dynamics, we see sprouts of creativity begin to flourish, emerging as a vital force to herald a new vista. Supported by the funding programmes of the government and a number of adventurous production companies, many young filmmakers have the opportunity to produce their feature debuts, including Mad World, Weeds on Fire and Still Human, which received accolades from critics and audiences alike. Their success inspires more promising talents to pursue their career in filmmaking, creating their own cinema like no others.

To introduce and promote our new generation of filmmakers to the international audience, the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society presents this special touring programme, with the financial support from Create Hong Kong and support from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices. Travelling to various overseas cities, this selection of exhilarating new works highlights the strong creativity and artistry of our young filmmakers, giving the global film community a glimpse of the refreshing landscape of Hong Kong cinema. At this crossroad where challenges and opportunities meet, we hope Hong Kong cinema will identify new turning points, and reach new heights beyond the mainstream.