23 September 2021 (London) – The touring Hong Kong New Talents film programme returns to Europe in October with the London East Asia Film Festival.

Seven films by young and emerging filmmakers will feature under the Hong Kong New Talents section of the London East Asia Film Festival 2021 between 21 and 31 October. They are:

  1. 1. Elisa’s Day《遺愛》

    Alan FUNG’s feature directorial debut links two real-life tragedies to tell a heartbreaking story of survival and abandonment.

    2. Hand Rolled Cigarette《手捲煙》

    Actor-turned-filmmaker CHAN Kin-long’s gritty bromance drama hailed from the much-lauded First Feature Film Initiative. It depicts two men who transcend their cultural and racial differences to form a brotherhood.

    3. Just 1 Day《給我1天》

    Adapted from her own 2018 novel, Erica LI’s heartfelt story about the importance of holding on to every precious memory in life is a sad reflection of an old Hong Kong vanishing under gentrification and rapid urban redevelopment.

    4. Keep Rolling《好好拍電影》

    The directorial debut of renowned production designer and art director MAN Lim-chung documents the 40-year career of Ann HUI, one of Hong Kong’s most influential filmmakers. This documentary tracks HUI’s ups and downs and offers a rare glimpse into her family and upbringing.

    5. Sugar Street Studio《糖街製片廠》

    Renowned photographer and multimedia artist Sunny LAU made his directorial debut with a black comedy. Based on local folklore, a film backlot becomes haunted after a tragic fire accident.

    6. Time《殺出個黃昏》

    First-time director Ricky KO’s satirical black comedy examines loneliness and lost ideals of old age. Full of clever plot twists and hyper-stylised kudos to classic Hong Kong cinema, it features two veteran and iconic actors from Hong Kong’s golden age of Cantonese cinema, Patrick TSE and Petrina FUNG.

    7. Zero to Hero《媽媽的神奇小子》

    Jimmy WAN’s biopic is a tribute to the awe-inspiring achievement of the gold medal-winning Paralympian SO Wa-wai and Hong Kong’s legions of never-say-die athletes.

The official London East Asia Film Festival website provides additional programming details, screening schedule, and ticketing information.

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) organises the Hong Kong New Talent programme with support from Create Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices. Before moving on to Chicago, the tour kicked off at the 23rd Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy. HKIFFS will announce further stops