Sugar Street Studio

  • 2021, Cantonese, 90mins, DCP, Colour

In 1994, a jilted man set off a fire inside a film studio on Sugar Street, killing four people. Since then, the building has been rumoured to be haunted by a vengeful spirit that was left behind. To please an investor, a shady film producer takes over a deserted shop space in the Sugar Street building and turns it into a haunted house with the help of several young special effects artists. To their surprise, the haunted house becomes a viral sensation when the real ghost shows up to terrify the visitors. Photographer, screenwriter and radio personality Sunny Lau makes his feature directorial debut with an uproarious horror-comedy that subverts genre conventions. Lau even uses his story’s film industry setting to cleverly lampoon its shady practices.

Screening Details at Film Festivals:
Udine Far East Film Festival
London East Asia Film Festival

Festivals & Awards

Udine Far East Film Festival

Director's Biography

Sunny Lau is a veteran photographer, radio personality and TV programme host. He started directing TV and online drama series since 2018. Some of his works include VR Exorcist (2018), Demon’s Path (2018) and A Perfect Day for Arsenide (2020). He was also the screenwriter for the feature film Missbehavior (2019). Sugar Street Studio is his first directorial feature film.


Director Sunny Lau
Producer Alex Dong
Scriptwriter Sunny Lau, Kan Pok-chuen
Cinematographer Chan Lok-yin
Editor Thomas Y
Art Director Rico Cheung
Music Lai Ying-tong
Sound Hazelle D.W., Liszta Poon,
Canney Yeung, Mathew Lam,
Jarvis Xin
Cast Matt Chow, Eric Kot,
Chan Kwok-pong, Chloe So,
Hanna Chan, Yatho Wong,
Martin Wong, Wiyona Yeung,
Kaki Sham, Sing Lam
World Sales Sun Entertainment Culture Limited