The Dishwasher Squad

  • 2021, Cantonese, 90mins, DCP, Colour

After suffering the failure of his latest business venture, Kyun is lured by his best friend Lun to take over a dishwashing factory business, which turns out to be a scam. To get around their financial risk, they resolve to hire a group of mentally disabled and ex-convict whom they see as “abnormal individuals” in order to secure the government’s social enterprise subsidy. As time goes by, this ragtag group of employees proves themselves to be more worthy than an excuse to obtain the grants, and even inspires Kyun and Lun to build their business through compassion, diligence and good work ethics rather than deception. The directorial debut of veteran screenwriter Shum Sek-yin is an exhilarating fact-based comedy that espouses the importance of giving everyone a chance to shine rather than judging books by their covers. In their first film together, popular film stars Ekin Cheng and Richie Jen make a winning team with solid screen chemistry.

Screening Details at Film Festivals:
Chicago Asian Pop-up Cinema

Director's Biography

Shum Sek-yin is a veteran screenwriter graduated from the School of Communication at the Hong Kong Baptist University in film and television. His works include Iceman 3D (2014), Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal (2015), Keyboard Warriors (2018), Deception of the Novelist (2019) and Death Notice (2021). The Dishwasher Squad is his directorial feature debut, which was financed by the Film Development Fund.


Director Shum Sek-yin
Producer Herman Yau, Ricky Fan
Cherrie Lau
Scriptwriter Shum Sek-yin
Cinematographer Kenny Tse
Editor Alan Cheng
Art Director Attis Lee
Music Lam Kwan-fai, Julian Chan
Cast Ekin Cheng, Richie Jen,
Poon Chan-leung, Hedwig Tam,
Will Lee, Wayi,
Kenneth Cheung, Buber Mak
Production Big Project Film Production Company Limited
World Sales My Way Film Company Limited