• 2021, Cantonese, 99mins, DCP, Colour

Once famous for his quick blade, a washed-out hitman can no longer earn a living with his cut-throat skills even in a “knife-cut noodles” shop. Summoned again by his former licensee, now a fading singer-cum-owner of a song club, he reunites with his chauffeur to carry out special missions – fulfilling the wishes of old people looking to kill themselves. Unexpectedly commissioned by a young girl who has been deserted by her parents and lover, the “Elderly’s Angel” squad finds their deadly assignment turns into affecting foster care of a “granddaughter”. Produced by Lam Ka-tung, first-time director Ricky Ko’s black comedy slashes open the loneliness and lost ideals of old age, in a satirical story full of clever twists and hyper-stylised nods to classic Hong Kong cinema. Patrick Tse and Petrina Fung, two veteran thespians from Hong Kong’s golden age of Cantonese cinema, prove that they still rule the screen – and the time.

Screening Details at Film Festivals:
Udine Far East Film Festival
Chicago Asian Pop-up Cinema
London East Asia Film Festival

Festivals & Awards

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Hong Kong International Film Festival

Udine Far East Film festival

Director's Biography

Ricky Ko is a Hong Kong director and actor. He served as executive director for a number of acclaimed films including All’s Well, Ends Well Too 2010 (2010), Ip Man: The Final Fight (2013), Project Gutenberg (2018) and The New King of Comedy (2019). He also acted in Angel Whispers (2015) among other films. Time is his directorial debut.


Director Ricky Ko
Producer Lam Ka-tung
Scriptwriter Ho Ching-yi, Lam Ka-tung
Cinematographer Jam Yau (H.K.S.C)
Editor Yeung Kai-wing
Art Director Yeung Yiu-wah
Music Tomy Wai
Sound Nip Kei-wing, Chan Chi-yeung
Action Lo Chun-pang
Cast Patrick Tse, Petrina Fung,
Lam Suet, Chung Suet-ying
Production Homemade Production Limited
World Sales Edko Films Limited