Zero to Hero

  • 2021, Cantonese, 102mins, DCP, Colour

Award-winning actress Sandra Ng and director Jimmy Wan brings an inspiring story of gold medal-winning Hong Kong athlete So Wa-wai to the big screen with this stirring biopic. Despite being born with jaundice, which permanently affected his hearing and his body’s balance, Wa-wai reveals a special talent for running. Encouraged by his hardworking mother, Wa-wai joins a running team for the disabled and ends up making history at the Paralympic Games. In portraying Wa-wai and his family’s long journey to athletic glory, the film also reveals the hurdles faced by professional Hong Kong athletes, many of whom are forced to sacrifice vital training time or abandon their athletic careers altogether to make a living. The result is a film that is a loving tribute to So’s amazing achievements on the track and to Hong Kong’s hardworking athletes.

Screening Details at Film Festivals:
Udine Far East Film Festival
London East Asia Film Festival

Festivals & Awards

Barcelona Vic Asian Summer Film Festival

New York Asian Film Festival

Udine Far East Film Festival

Director's Biography

Jimmy Wan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. His short film Double Happiness (2000) won the International Video Award at the Poitiers International Film Schools Festival. He had worked closely with Pang Ho-cheung and co-written films including Isabella (2006) and Love Off the Cuff (2017). He co-directed the short film Devil Nail Clippers (2010) and feature films Lover’s Discourse (2011) and Lacuna (2012) with Derek Tsang. Zero to Hero is his solo directorial feature debut.


Director Jimmy Wan
Producer Sandra Ng
Scriptwriter Jimmy Wan, David Lo
Art Director Li Tsz-fung
Music Day Tai
Cast Sandra Ng, Leung Chung-hang, Louis Cheung,
Wu Tsz-tung, Chin Siu-ho
Production One Cool Film Production Limited
World Sales One Cool Pictures Limited